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Digitalisation is revolutionising the construction industry. New technology and processes are being used to capture and harness data to make the construction industry more efficient

Through early engagement and collaboration, our Digital Construction approach allows us to continuously deliver value to our clients by making a positive impact on key project drivers such as programme, Q-EHS, budget and building life cycle costs, and ensures the best possible project outcome for our clients.

Benefits of BIM for the whole construction workflow

Companies like PMK that utilize BIM have reported benefits for project management, scheduling, estimation and risk analysis, more collaborative processes and overall better management of projects.


Model-based workflow brings the opportunity to try out solutions in advance before building the structure on site: with a constructible model, the structure can be prototyped virtually. Project parties can understand and review the design, its accuracy and completeness more easily. It is also easier to visualize and evaluate the cost, time and other project parameters. BIM has gathered compliments for improved communication between project parties and generally better quality.

Architect drawing with cad software desi
Reality Capture.jpg

At PMK our In-house scanning & reality capture team uses the latest 3D laser scanning & survey techniques to gather as-built data in real-time. This allows our design team to carry out verification and/or clash detection against the 3D design model. This leads to early detection of issues, which in turn helps to

eliminate unnecessary additional costs in trade hours and materials.

Scanning also added value to their construction lifecycle by giving the project managers a way to inspect the construction’s progress remotely. By having the 3D scanning technician update the virtual tour throughout the process, our managers are able to assess how new work was coming together and could troubleshoot in 3D, regardless of their location.


Peter founded PMK with the goal to be different, to be disruptors and to challenge industry practices and deliver what the company promised. 

He focuses on the client – their goals and ambitions, and he takes personal responsibility for delivering the job that they want.

Want to discuss how we can be your BIM Partner?

If you have a forthcoming construction project our team will be delighted to help.

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